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The advent and the potential of the technology to transform organizations and livesled to new corporate responsibilities. SKYNET engagement is to protect his customers and their sensitive information. SKYNET social responsibility policy is articulated around two key drivers that is essential to its core business: Consumers protection and Commitment to the Community.


SKYNET focuses on listening to his customers to better understand their needs and improve their digital experience. Telco operators must anticipate and take into account the impact of ITC on the community. Furthermore, they must ensure that customers' sensitive information is protected at all time, that parental controls are in place to protect younger Internet users, and that users are adequately informed on the risk of radio-electricity on their health.

Wi-Fi and Public Health

The boxes (SKY-FI, SKY-BOX, & SKY-USB) and other Wi-Fi enabled devices (Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Telephones, Games boxes, etc.) generate radio waves. Does being exposed to such radio electricity waves dangerous for health?
No! The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Department of Public Health in the USA and in France indicated that Wi-Fi networks do not present any danger to human health as their wave's emission power is weak and inferior to 0.1 Watt. This finding is confirmed and adopted by many countries.
The Health Protection Agency (United Kingdom) asserted that there were no reason to cease using Wi-Fi network in school and public places.
To learn more about this publication, please reference the WHO Publication number 304.


Mobile Telephony, Internet and Radiofrequency: dialog and transparency.
The rapid development of mobile telephony and Internet in the past two decades created concerns and debates on the potential risks that Radiofrequencies may have on human health.

In this context, SKYNET is committed to:

  • Respect the current and future regulation on radiofrequency
  • Collaborate with public authorities on radiofrequency
  • Inform consumer on radiofrequencies and their impact on human health

SKYNET will relay the conclusions, findings and recommendations of the WHO and local health authorities without taking a scientific position with an opinion.

  • SKYNET is committed to protecting consumers and partners sensitive information
  • SKYNET is committed to participate in economic development and to promote employment