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CIO/CTO are under greater pressure than ever to produce verifiable business outcome that help organization achieve and sustain high performance. This pressure comes from all sides: The CEO is challenging IT to contribute demonstrably to higher shareholder value; the CFO is seeking real and differentiated return on IT investments; the COO is looking to reduce IT operating expenses and make the business more effective; and all of them want IT to help them run a high-performance business.

The route to fulfilling this multi-dimensional role begin by identifying your roadblocks. SKYNET experience indicates that the pressure on IT manifests itself across three (3) domains:

  • Strategic: A requirement to support and further the corporate strategy by delivering relevant, innovative, differentiated services while reducing cost and complexity.
  • Operational: Constant and growing pressure to meet operational needs.
  • Credibility and Relevance: The need to close the credibility gap between IT and the business, thereby transforming the perception of IT’s worth and ability to deliver the right outcomes.

The main questions that are derived from these challenges are:

  • How do I offer innovative, differentiate services while reducing cost and complexity?
  • How do I decide what services to provide and how to provide them?
  • How do I formulate and execute a service strategy for high performance?

High-performance businesses have gone from a reactive stance to one that focuses on outcomes and positioning service management as a strategic asset. ITIL has established itself as the leading framework for managing IT in the public and private sector worldwide. This framework aims not just to manage servers and network equipment. ITIL captures advances and innovations in IT best practices while embedding a focus on customer outcomes.

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