Madison Island


SKYNET aims to provide enterprises, NGO, and government agencies network and telecom infrastructure services. SKYNET has developed a set of services taking into account challenges companies face in the controlled sharing of their business information with their customers and partners. These services include:

  • Network infrastructure solutions tailored to your organization environment, deployed, maintained and/or managed on your site (Agencies, HQ, and Data Center).
  • Hybrid information technology solutions to allow organization to be take advantage of the best of managed and outsourced environment solutions
  • The set of network infrastructure services developed by SKYNET for organizations has for objectives to allow them to take advantage of the opportunities that the internet has to offer, to access their information resources regardless of their location, as well as allowing their partners, suppliers, visitors, and customers a temporary and controlled access to network resources and to the Internet.
  • Your employees should be able to access securely your organization network, business information, and network resources regardless of their location. Your network and information resources should be continuously monitored, protected from intrusions. SKYNET security solutions allow organizations to monitor, detect, and protect their information technology infrastructure, their network and information resources while promoting the controlled sharing of business information with partners, customers, suppliers and employees.