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To design and build a well-secured network, many factors must be taken into consideration, such as the organization security policy, the regulatory environment of the business, the risks faced by the organization, the topology and placement of hosts within the network, the selection of hardware and software technologies, and the careful configuration of each component.

Based on the premises that a sound security model must enable users to securely access network resources, SKYNET’s approach to secure network design and deployment provides organizations with the confidence they need to operate their business with efficacy. SKYNET secure network design methodology is participative and include the following:

  • Collaborative project planning with customer and review of related security policy
  • Review of customer existing network architecture and components
  • Collaborative review of security and compliance requirements
  • Creation of a secure network architecture with related documentation for configuration management, hardware, and software.
  • Integration of the new design in operational environment minimizing downtime and improving network performance.
  • Integration of all regulatory compliance requirements to enable organization to focus of their core business.

SKYNET integration scope cover the secure installation and configuration of the following:

  • Routers, Switches, Load-Balancers, Sniffers, and Microwave equipment
  • Firewalls, IPS, Authentication Solutions, Content, Email, and Web filtering Solutions, Web Application Firewalls, Multi-factor Authentication Solutions, Transparent Encryption Solutions, VPN Solutions, SIEM Solutions, et Identity Management Solutions.
  • PBX and VoIP Solutions.