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VSAT, short for “Very Small Aperture Terminal” is a wireless communication system developed initially for data communication. With technology innovation, the system has evolved to support real-time applications such as Voice, Video conference, and streaming video. All these technologies can concurrently run on a VSAT network, which increase its modularity. A VSAT system can interconnect several hundred site across the world.

VSAT system is the only High Speed connectivity technology available everywhere in the world. Unlike optical fiber, frame relay, and ADSL, a VSAT system can provide high speed connectivity wherever the need arises and at the fraction of the cost of terrestrial connectivity technology such as Fiber, frame relay, adsl, and vdsl.

In countries like Burkina Faso where terrestrial networks are almost inexistent or simply in their infancy, the cost of a lease line is prohibitive and exist only in a handful of cities. A VSAT system is a smart choice to interconnect several geographical distant sites.

The VSAT solution proposed by SKYNET is known as SKY-EDGE. This solution provide customers the same reliability and performance as optical fiber. SKYNET is expert in the planning, deployment, and optimization of secured VSAT networks using VPN technologies. SKY-EDGE solutions allow organizations to extend their network infrastructure wherever terrestrial medium are inexistent or their implementation is cost prohibitive.